Crawl Space Encapsulation Services in Illinois and Missouri

Do you have Cold, Drafty, or Bowed 1st-level Floors? Mold & Musty Odors? Rotting Floor Joists, Sill Plates and Flooring? Limiting moisture and humidity in your crawl space is extremely important to prevent structural deterioration. Crawl space encapsulation involves sealing this area off from the outside environment so that moisture and high levels of humidity can't get inside and cause problems. Encapsulation can prevent animals from setting up their home in your crawl space. We are committed to creating a safe environment underneath your home.

We offer all features of an encapsulated crawl space:

• 100% coverage of the ground with a vapor barrier.
• Seams and junctions of vapor barrier sealed.
• Sealed crawl space vents.
• Insulated foundation walls and band joist
• If needed, interior foundation drains can be installed to prevent standing water and facilitate proper drainage.

Your home is an ecosystem, and every part of that ecosystem plays a role in affecting the others. Your crawl space is no exception.

Crawl spaces are often favorable environments for mold, insects, pests and animals to take up hold under your home, causing structural damage and wreaking havoc on living spaces.

Pro Restore Now specializes in resolving crawl space issues of all types and sizes, sealing off your crawl space, removing and restoring any damaged structural issues and eliminating sources of humidity and moisture.

So how do you know if there is a problem with your crawl space?

  • Musty or strong odor coming from your crawl space
  • Interior cracks in your drywall or plaster
  • uneven or warped flooring
  • Increased allergy symptoms or asthma

How Crawl Space Encapsulation Works:

Step one, high density reinforced liners are often used to cover the ground/surface area, walls and support structures.

Next, we may employ dehumidifiers, including the possibility of an energy efficient permanent dehumidifier. If needed, drainage systems can be installed to limit the risk of standing water and facilitate proper drainage.

So why is crawlspace encapsulation important?

  • Moisture can cause serious damages, leading to mold growth and wood rot
  • Pests can take up home under your house causing odors, damages, and flea and tick infestations
  • Proper ventilation of combustion appliances can reduce the risk of carbon monoxide build up
  • Fire safe materials improve the safety rating of your home
  • Proper insulation can help reduce heating costs and prevent damage
  • Preventing moisture build up and subsequent mold growth
  • Reducing the risk of moisture damage to flooring

Why choose Pro Restore Now for your crawl space encapsulation?

With the number of options available, its important to know you’re hiring a restoration and encapsulation service company that really knows what they’re doing, and who are steadfast in their determination to provide you A+, first class services at an affordable rate.

At Pro Restore Now we respond to you quickly and work efficiently, making sure your concerns are addressed speedily and with an expert touch.